sometimes the grass IS greener

I’d previously written that the grass isn’t always greener. However, I didn’t explore the other side of that argument: sometimes the grass IS greener. If you’re standing on dead grass, the grass can most definitely afford to be greener. Whether it’s dating or work, sometimes you do need to move on to something better, because what you currently have just isn’t working anymore. Continue reading

the dangers of the rebound

It’s inevitable: getting dumped is one of the guarantees in life, along with death and taxes. There’s the awful, depressing low you feel when you are still in the process of digesting it. Whether it’s dating or work, be careful of what decisions you make during the rebound, because you can end up overcomplicating an already complicated situation.  Continue reading

getting what you need

You’ve got a certain set of requirements that are what you look for in a job or a relationship. You’ve been down that road where along the way to finding that job or relationship, people have tried to get you to compromise on what’s important. Don’t listen to them because they’re white noise at best. Listen instead to your gut when it comes to determining your needs whether it’s for dating or work.  Continue reading

the grass isn’t always greener

At some point in your life, you experience the conflict of trying to determine whether or not what you have is enough, and if you can’t find something better. Outside and inside influences feed your insecurities and self-doubts, and it starts to get complicated figuring out where your real priorities should lie. Is there a better boyfriend/girlfriend/job out there that could be a better fit for you? The thing to remember is no matter if it’s dating or work, you should first honestly answer the question: am I happy with what I have?  Continue reading